Röye Vodka

Röye Vodka

Plateau Spirits has developed a vodka with an unique taste of caviar in cooperation with Björn Uglem from Northern Light spirits, who produces the world's most exclusive nordic caviar.
The caviar is from the fish Arctic Char which is only located in lakes at 1,000 meters above sea level. Fishing takes place in the autumn - usually in snow and under the northern lights.

DKK 2.449,00

Alc. 40%
Vol. 700ml

This product is the first in line of our Intemerata series which means untouchable. This and the coming products will be distilled in very small batches with focus on authenticity, quality and the joy of achieving something truly exclusive.

We hope you will like this very limited batch of only 96 bottles vodka for its unique taste.


Plateau Spirits

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