established in Copenhagen 2018

History of the Plateau Spirit


Plateau Spirits is founded by Tonny Svensson and Jan Bay.

Tonny and Jan are both cousins ​​and friends. A mutual interest in music – also on a performing level – created a strong bond between them through their young years and although careers and family in their adult lives provided less time to nurture the relationship, they have managed to keep it intact.

“In 2018, we went on a “guys only” trip to Los Angeles  where we rented a convertible and cruised the city listening to loud music. One of our plans besides seeing different gigs was to visit exciting bars and distilleries. ”


Tonny was an employee at Novo Nordisk as a technician, but for a couple of years he had enjoyed trying to create a gin in his spare time. He had finally developed a recipe and now needed to have it distilled in an appropriate number of bottles by a professional.

He contacted several Danish distilleries, but no one was interested in helping, unless he ordered a larger batch which he could not afford.

However, he finally succeeded when he contacted Jonas Larsson from Tevsjö Distillery in Sweden. Jonas took pity on Tonny and then the first 50 bottles of gin were “born”.


Jan’s career has always been about economics which started at Deloitte and has led him past several companies in various industries as CFO and given him an understanding of establishing, financing and running companies.

“After a long day in Los Angeles as we enjoyed a drink at the cocktail bar in the Normandy Hotel, we decided to start a company where we could create a liquor label exactly the way we wanted it. A premium brand with an edge.”

The ambition was to create a label where both the visual and the quality was exceptional. A premium product, made sustainably from scratch using the best ingredients – with the addition of untraditional and exciting botanicals.


We had visited many gin bars over the years and thought all labels looked the same so we wanted to do it differently. However, it is quite difficult to both stand out and fit into a specific product category. A visual expression can also get so far away from the sphere of the product that it is no longer appealing.

We agreed that the Tattoo expression defined what we wanted our gin to represent. This is not something we have analyzed further. It was pure intuition. We quickly decided that all our labels should be designed in collaboration with tattoo artists so we got our own rock’n roll / hipster / indie / tattoo look. “You will always identify our labels and know it’s a liquor from Plateau Spirits. ”

Plateau Spirits Aps was founded on May 16th 2018 and so the company’s journey took off. Financing was provided so that larger batches could be ordered at a time and product development accelerated rapidly.

Our mission...

Plateau Spirits mission is the ambition to create spirits with an edge, blending unusual ingredients, and work with the best possible distiller to get a perfect result. That is why you will find unusual ingredients like dragon fruit, Columbian coffee and dark liquorice syrup, blended with classic ingredients like orris root, angelica root, juniper, fresh lime, and orange.

We make all our spirits with exciting labels designed by us and a tattoo artist, the goal is to differ from all the other liquor companies and give us a more Rock’n’Roll style. We clean, peel and mill all grain in Northern Sweden at Teve mill as it is called, the mill dates from the early 19th century.

The spirits are distilled twice & diluted by hand to the desired alcohol content with water from Teve mill’s own water source up in the mountains above the distillery. We put a lot of time and love in our products and think it is evident in the taste…

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