Plateau Spirits is established in Copenhagen 2015

After a trip to New York in 2014, where Tonny Svensson got inspired by the small batch distilleri Community, he started Plateau Spirits in his kitchen. The ambition was to make 50 bottles of gin for himself and his friends, but it developed into something a bit more serious!

All recipes are made by Tonny Svensson, and destilled in Northern Sweden in a little town called Tevsjo. Jan Bay joined the one man company in 2018, to take care of all the difficult things around a company, he has a lot of experience from different businesses, he is trying to make it a more professional company, so Tonny does not end up in jail...

The mission...

Plateau Spirits mission is the ambition to create spirits with an edge, blending unusual ingredients, and work with the best possible distiller to get a perfect result. That is why you will find unusual ingredients like dragon fruit, Columbian coffee and dark liquorice syrup, blended with classic ingredients like orris root, angelica root, juniper, fresh lime, and orange.

The goal...

We try to make all our spirits with exciting labels designed by us and a tattoo artist, the goal is to differ from all the other liquor companies and give us a more Rock'n'Roll style. We clean, peel and mill all grain in Northern Sweden at Teve mill as it is called, the mill dates from the early 19th century.

The spirits are distilled twice & diluted by hand to the desired alcohol content with water from Teve mill's own water source up in the mountains above the distillery. We put a lot of time and love in our products and think it is evident in the taste...

Plateau Spirits

Valdemarsgade 57
1665 København
Tel: +45 40 23 53 49 / +45 22 42 20 20
MobilePay: 48258
VAT: 39572702

Plateau Spirits
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