Plateau Gin

Plateau handcrafted gin is conceived from the ambition to create a gin with an edge, blending unusual ingredients, and work with the best possible distiller, to get a good result.
That is why you will find unusual ingredients like dragon fruit, coffee, licorice blended with classic ingredients like orris root, angelica root, juniper, fresh lime, and orange.

Tranquillité Gin

Tranquillité Gin not only got its name from the old tale of Marie ”Tranquillité” Descoteaux, but also the inspiration for the recipe that became this unique and feminine gin.

Marie's parents died when she was very young and therefore she went to live with her uncle in Paris, where the family owned a small hotel and bar. When she got older she started delivering small packages for her uncle, soon she realised it was gin she was delivering.

She became a well-known figure amongst the art and theatre society and soon became the synonymous with her uncle's gin.

Touché Aqvavit

The Russian, Ivan Bazin, was the person who came up with the idea of making an aquavit with agave syrup from Mexico and with fresh dill from the Nordic countries. The Akvavit quickly gained status as a classic and it was then named "Touché".

La Luna Absint

Absinthe has historically been described as a distilled beverage with very high alcohol strength. This anise-inspired spirit comes from flavorings such as flowers, leaves from garden wormwood, anise, fennel and other aromatic herbs.

Röye Vodka

"Why not make a very special vodka with Arctic caviar?" someone asked. So we did.
It is called 'Röye' and is the first in our 'Intemerata signature series' which means untouchable in Latin, where we create some magic in limited volume of 100 numbered bottles.